RFP-Paxillin (Puro) Lentiviral particles



Lentivirus express a fusion target of (RFPPaxillin ).  The human Paxillin (NCBI accession ID: NM_002859) was fusioned, at its N-terminal, with RFP (Red Fluorescent Protein) marker, expressed under the enhanced suCMV promoter, containing a Puromycin antibiotic marker under the RSV promoter. 

Paxillin is expressed at focal adhesions of non-striated cells and at costameres of striated muscle cells, and it functions to adhere cells to the extracellular matrix. Paxillin is a signal transduction adaptor protein.

The fluorescent labelled paxillin provide a tool to analyze focal adhesion dynamics in live cells. Focal adhesions are highly dynamic structures that assemble at the leading edge of the migrating cell and disassemble at the trailing edge.

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Cat#: LVP1339-R