SV40 large T-antigen (EF1a, GFP-Puro) lentivirus



Pre-made lentivirus express SV40 large T-antigen gene under an enhanced EF1a promoter. A GFP-Puromycidin fusion dual marker was expressed under RSV promoter allows to select by Puromycin antibiotic or sort via GFP signal, the transduced cells for long term expression (Dual markers). GFP signal provides a convenient transduction monitoring for virus performance.

SV40 large T-antigen causes cell immortalization and allow to produce high-titer lentivirus in your cell line. It was natively expressed without any tags. See Product Manual (.pdf).

Amount:  200ul/per vial at 1 x 107 IFU/ml

Cat#: LVP557-GP