WNV Envelope Protein (6His) Expression Lentivirus


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Lentivirus expresses the West Nile virus’ Envelope Protein. It express the glycoprotein protein (NCBI ID: ADD23575.1, click to see its Amino Acid sequence), of West Nile virus (WNV), with a poly-histidine tag at the C-terminus (6-His tag) which allow the purification of the antigen via Ni NTA affinity column.  

The target was expressed under enhanced CMV promoter. A RFP-Blasticidin fusion dual selection marker under RSV promoter, allows to sort or select transduced cells via RFP fluorescent signal or via Blasticidin antibiotic. RFP signal provides a convenient, realtime monitoring the lentivirus performance.  See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

West Nile virus Envelope protein is expressed on the surface of the virus. It plays critical roles in the entry of virus into cells (Fusion of virus membrane with host endosomal membrane). It can be used as the antigen for virus detection, diagnostic assays, antibody and vaccines development, and other assays.

Amount: 200ul, at 1 x 108 IFU/ml, concentrated lentivirus, provided in PBS

Cat#: LVP14010-PBS