Wnt Tcf-Luciferase (Neo) lentivirus in PBS


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Pre-made lentivirus express firefly luciferase-3 reporter under 8xTcf Wnt responsive promoter. This lentivirus  also contain the Neomycin selection marker under a constitutive RSV promoter. 

The virus is purified into PBS solution which is good for serum sensitive cell culture or for hard-to-infected cell types. See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

If desired, you can also use the Pathway control lentivirus to establish the No-response control profile to your pathway stimulus. Its pathway control virus is: CAT#: Path-Ctr11-PBS

Amount:  200ul/per vial, at 1 x10IFU/ml in PBS 

Cat#: LVP810-N-PBS