Wnt Tcf-RLuc (Neo) lentivirus in PBS


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Pre-made lentivirus express Renilla luciferase (RLuc) reporter under 8xTcf Wnt responsive promoter. This lentivirus  also contain the Neomycin selection marker under the constitutive RSV promoter. The virus is purified into PBS solution which is good for serum sensitive cell culture or for hard-to-infected cell types See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

If desired, you can also use the Pathway control lentivirus to establish the No-response control profile to your pathway stimulus. Its pathway control virus is: CAT#: Path-Ctr12-PBS

Amount:  200ul/per vial, at 1 x10IFU/ml in PBS 

Cat#: LVP811-N-PBS