Eco PCR Cloning Kits

The Best and Easiest PCR Cloning Kits

PCR Cloning has never been easier! 

GenTarget’s revolutionary proprietary Fusion in vivo high throughput Eco cloning technology (patent pending) is the easiest PCR cloning method available for making E Coli expression clones. It utilizes an engineered E Coli strain with enhanced homologous recombination machinery for cloning PCR products. A specific vector is already built into the cloning cells for an in vivo end-joining reaction. A proprietary processing technology ensures low background and a > 95% positive cloning rate. 

Simply amplify your gene of interest with a primer pair that is flanked with a short arm homologous to the expression vector, then add 1µl of purified PCR into the engineered, ready-to-use cloning cells, and immediately proceed to transformed. There is no need to purchase either the expression vectors or competent cells. The optimized E Coli or mammalian expression vector is already built into the cloning cells. You just select the cloning cells having the built-in vector that meet your needs. 

For E Coli expression, the protein is expressed from either a T7 based or non-T7 based vector, depending on the cloning kit.  For expressing toxic proteins, please select our basal level self-controlled PCR cloning cells (Cat: IC-1003).

This extremely easy PCR cloning method also eliminates the labor intensive and sometimes troublesome vector preparation procedures of other cloning technologies. No in vitro tube reaction is required (such as ligation, Topo TA cloning, or In-fusion reaction). Let  E Coli do the job for you in vivo! 

Please select cloning kits below, and see details from each product manual.

eco cloning2 pEco™ BAD nHis PCR cloning kit


We provide instant cloning kits (EcoTM PCR cloning kits, see below products) made with a variety of vectors for E Coli or mammalian expression of N-terminal His-tagged or GST- tagged proteins. 

Key Features: 

  • No need to buy vectors, thus eliminates the tedious bench work of preparing vector backbone;
  • No need to buy cloning competent cells
  • No need for any enzymes or any tube reactions
  • Precise directional cloning of PCR products without any extra amino acids except the affinity tag
  • Flexibility to allow addition of any cleavage site for removal of N-term His-tag if desired
  • Works with any PCR products with or without a 3′-end’s -A overhung (the extra -A overhang, if exists, will be removed in cloning step)
  • Good for different PCR sizes, from 200bp to 10kb and the same PCR product can be used to construct multiple different expression vectors
  • Engineered E Coli and mammalian expression vectors for high protein yields
  • Great for high through-put cloning
  • The easiest and most cost-effective PCR cloning method available

How to select PCR cloning kit:

Cat# Product Applications
IC-1001 pEco-T7-nHis PCR cloning kit E Coli expression of N-term His-tagged protein
IC-1002 pEco-suCMV-nHis-(Neo) PCR cloning kit high-yield mammalian expression of N-term His tagged protein
IC-1003 pEco-BAD-nHis PCR cloning kit E Coli expression of N-term His-tagged toxic protein
IC-1004 pEco-T7-nGST PCR cloning kit E Coli expression of N-term GST-tagged protein
IC-1006 pEco-T7-cHis PCR cloning kit E Coli expression of C-term His-tagged protein
IC-1007 pEco-CMV-cHis-(Neo) PCR cloning kit Mammalian expression of C-term His-tagged protein

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