PCR cloning -never been easier

PCR cloning kit

Cloning is often limited by cost, labor-intensity, and incompatibility of restriction enzyme sites. Traditional in vitro cloning requires a variety of end-joining enzymes (e.g. T4 ligase, toposiomerase, blunt-end joining enzymes) or specific strand-exchange recombinases (e.g. CRE, loxP, Gateway BP, LR recombinase). Generating overhung- or blunt- ends  requires either  preparing vectors by restriction enzyme digestion or end polishing, or purchasing specific vectors and recombinases. 

GenTarget’s EcoTM PCR Cloning Kit Lets E Coli do the job for you In Vivo! 

The engineered E Coli strain in GenTarget’s EcoTM PCR Cloning Kit has an enhanced homologous recombination machinery that enables an In Vivo joining reaction.  This means cloning with no tube reactions. GenTarget provides these E Coli  cloning cells with a selection of vectors  for low background mammalian or E Coli expression. Please see our product page for more details. 

GenTarget’s revolutionary proprietary high-throughput cloning technology is the easiest PCR cloning method available for making your E Coli or mammalian expression clones with N- or C-terminal His or GST tags.

 Key features of GenTarget’s PCR Cloning Kit:

  • The easiest and most cost-effective PCR cloning method available: simply add 1µl of PCR insert into the provided cells for transformation regardless of the insert’s size and concentration
  • No need for the tedious bench work of preparing the vector backbone
  • No need for any enzymes or  tube reactions
  • Precise directional cloning of PCR products without any extra protein sequences (except affinity tags)
  • It does not matter if the PCR products have poly-A overhangs at their 3′-ends. The ploy-A overhang, if there is one, will be removed in the cloning step.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of PCR sizes, from 200 bp to 10 kb
  • Engineered E Coli and mammalian expression vectors that produce high protein yields
  • Exceptionally adaptable to high throughput cloning
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