COVID-19 Spike-6His Lentivirus


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Lentivirus expresses the wild-type spike protein (S protein) of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) coronavirus.  It has the human codon optimization for high expression in mammalian cells, expressing the full length S-protein (click to see its Amino Acid sequence) ~140 kDa, with a poly-histidine tag at the C-terminus (6-His tag) which allow to purify the S-Protein via Ni NTA affinity column.  

The target was expressed under enhanced CMV promoter. A RFP-Blasticidin fusion dual selection marker under RSV promoter, allows to sort or select transduced cells via RFP fluorescent signal or via Blasticidin antibiotic. RFP signal provides a convenient, realtime monitoring the lentivirus performance.  See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

Amount: 200ul, at 1 x 108 IFU/ml in PBS

Cat#: LVP1329-PBS