EF1a-TetR (Bsd) Lentiviral particles in PBS


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Pre-made tetracycline regulator (TetR) lentiviral particles expressing sequence verified tetracycline regulator gene under an enhanced EF1a promoter (which is non-tissue, non-cell type specific promoter, not be silenced after long-term culture).  A blasticidin antibiotic marker under RSV promoter, allows to select transduced cells for long term expression. See Product Manual (.pdf).

TetR  is used in tetracycline inducible expression. It binds to any inducible promoters that has incorporated its binding sequence to repress target expression. And target expression is induced once tetracycline is added. Tetracycline binds to TetR, which releases TetR from target’s promoter, and starts the transcription. Gentarget’s Optional inducible shRNA particles and Optional nducible expression particles can be turned into tetracycline inducible system by using TetR expressing particles. By using a different antibiotic marker in TetR particles than that in expression particles, you can select the double transduced cells via double antibiotic selection at the same time. Then, the target’s expression is turned into a tetracycline dose dependent inducible expression.

This is the blasticidin version of TetR particles purified into PBS solution.

Amount:  200ul/per vial, at 1 x 107 IFU/ml in PBS. 

 Cat#: LVP459-Bsd-PBS