Flp recombinase Expression HEK293 stable cell


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Transformed from HEK293 cells by lentiviral system, this cell line expresses the  Flp recombinase gene (click to see its coding sequence).  Flp was expressed under suCMV promoter with N-term 6His tag (so that the Flp enzyme can be purified via Nickel column if desired). It also contains the RFPBlasticidin dual selection marker (all cells showed high RFP fluorescent signal). The following expression cassette was inserted into cells’ genome.

Flp expression cassette

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About Flp-FRT system:

Flp-FRT recombination is a site-directed recombination technology, increasingly used to manipulate an organism’s DNA under controlled conditions in vivo. It is analogous to Cre-lox recombination but involves the recombination of sequences between short flippase recognition target (FRT) sites by the recombinase flippase (Flp).

The 34bp minimal FRT site sequence has the sequence:


The flippase (Flp) binds to both 13-bp 5′-GAAGTTCCTATTC-3′ arms flanking the 8 bp spacer, i.e. the site-specific recombination (region of crossover) in reverse orientation. FRT-mediated cleavage occurs just ahead from the asymmetric 8bp core region (5’tctagaaa3′) on the top strand and behind this sequence on the bottom strand.

Cat# SC006