GFP (Puro) RAR Pathway Lentivirus


GFP report lentivirus detects RAR signal pathway activity, containing Puromycin selection

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Pre-made lentivirus express GFP fluorescent reporter under a minimal promoter inserted with multiple tandem repeats of pathway specific retinoic acid response elements (RAREs) as transcriptional response element (TRE), for detecting RAR signaling pathway activity. This lentivirus also contains the puromycin selection marker under the constitutive RSV promoter for antibiotic selection.   

If desired, you can also use the pathway Control lentivirus, to establish the Non pathway specific control profile to your pathway stimulus. The corresponding pathway control lentivirus product is: CAT#: Path-Ctr1-PBS. See Lentivector core-structure in the scheme below.

Scheme of GFP report lentivirus detects FOXO pathway

Amount:  200ul/per vial x (1 x 108 IFU/ml) (concentrated lentivirus, premixed with 10x Polybrene, 60 ug/ml). See  Product Manual for details (.pdf).

Cat#: LVP1751

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