HBsAg-(6His) Viral Like Particles


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HBsAg  is a surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus (see HBV scheme below). HBsAg can be found in blood which is a sign of infection. If it is found, along with its specific antibody, It means the person is infected by HBV and is infectious.

HBV structure scheme

HBsAg-(6His) (click to see its protein sequence) Viral Like Particles was packaged in HEK293T cells using our proprietary technology. It is the replication-incompetent particles in which the HBsAg (Surface antigen) of Hepatitis B virus (with 6His-tag at its C-terminal) was pseudo-typed as the lentiviral particles’ surface envelope protein.  [Note: This VLP has the HBsAg antigen expressed on the particle’s surface.  If you want to over-express the HBsAg antigen in your desired cell types, please use lentivirus product, CAT#: LVP1402-PBS.]

This VLP packaged a non-sense sequence (Null) as the particle’s virion genomic material, to maintain the intact of the particles.


HBsAg VLP was assembled as surface antigens which can be used as the ready to use HBsAg antigen, or for  raising the specific antibodies, for the validation of anti-HBsAg antibodies, in vaccine development and other validation assays. This VLP can also be detected by the anti-C-terminal 6His-tag antibody.

The VLP’s titer was measured via ELISA P24 assay. Every single particle assembled many HBsAg molecules at its surface. See more details in Product Manual.

Amount: 200ul/vial at 1×108 VP/ml.

CAT#: VLP004