HEK293-ATP2B2 cell line with RFP and Blasticidin marker


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Transformed from HEK293 cells by lentiviral system, this cell line expresses human ATP2B2 gene NM_001001331.2.

ATP2B2 was constitutively expressed under an enhanced EF1a promoter. The RFP-Blasticidin marker was expressed under Rsv promoter. The cell constitutively express both ATP2B2 and RFP.

The ATP2B2 belongs to the family of P-type primary ion transport ATPases characterized by the formation of an aspartyl phosphate intermediate during the reaction cycle. These enzymes remove bivalent calcium ions from eukaryotic cells against very large concentration gradients and play a critical role in intracellular calcium homeostasis.  

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Cat# SC026-RB