HEK293 / uGFP (unstable GFP) Stable Cell Line


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This stable cell line is transformed from the adhesive enhanced HEK293 cells,  stably expressing the unstable GFP (click to see sequence) fluorescent protein. It was established by transduction of the destabilized GFP expression lentivirus containing a Puromycin resistance marker. GFP is constitutively expressed at high-level under the enhanced CMV promoter (suCMV). The following expression construct was integrated into the cell line’s genome.

Reference: J. B. C., Vol. 273, No. 52, Issue of December 25, pp. 34970–34975, 1998

The green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a widely used reporter, provide an easy detection in living cells. However, it is a very stable protein and accumulated in cells with long half-live, which limits its application that requires fast turnover responses in signal pathway assay and in knockdown / knockout detection.  Therefore, the unstable GFP (uGFP) was created as the destabilized version reporter. The uGFP is best used for the  time course, dose response kinetics and for the fast responses to knockdown (via siRBA/ shRNA) or knockout (via CRISPR).

Cat# SC058

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