Hela / Cas9 (Puro) stable cell line


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Hela cell was derived from cervical cancer cells, and was found to be remarkably durable and prolific which warrants its extensive use in scientific research.

This Cas9 expression stable cell line was transformed from Hela cell line.  The nuclear localized Cas9  (NLS-Cas9) enzyme is driven by our engineered super strong CMV promoter (suCMV). The Blasticidin antibiotic selection was driven under the RSV promoter. see the expression cassette below that integrated into cell line’s genome.

Cas9 expression map scheme

This CRISPR-ready (Cas9 expression) stable cell lines make genomic editing easier than ever. You simply deliver the target-specific gRNA into the CRISPR-ready cell line and select the knock-out or knock-in cells for your desired target in Hela cells. No need to do cas9 containing CRISPR cloning, and no worry about the hard-to-delivered Cas9 constructs. You only need to generate the much easier in cloning, and much smaller in size of the target-gRNA constructs. GenTarget also provides services to generate your target-specific, ready-to-use gRNA lentivirus. Please contact us if you need the CRISPR gRNA lentivirus services.

Sold at:  1 vial x (2 x 106 cells)/vial, Product Manual.

Cat# SC045-Cas9-Puro