Human MP41 / Luciferase Stable Cells


Human MP41 cell line express the firefly luciferase, containing Puromycin resistance.

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Human MP41 cell line was derived from primary Uveal melanoma of 49 years old, female. It forms loose aggregates in culture. Uveal melanoma (UM) is the most common primary tumor of the eye in adults.

MP41 cell line was used as a model in research for the therapeutic option for the treatment of uveal melanoma, and for preclinical validation of mTOR as a therapeutic target

Gentarget generated this Luciferase reporter cells,  transformed by luciferase lentivirus transduction. This cell line expresses the firefly luciferase gene under the enhanced EF1a promoter. It also carries the Puromycin resistance under Rsv promoter. The cell line demonstrates high level of bioluminescence signal via firefly luciferase assay. The following express cassette was integrated into cell line’s genome. 

Sold at:  1 vial x (2 x 106 cells)/vial, see details in Product Manual.

Cat# SC089-Luc