Mouse HT22 / GFP Fluorescent Stable Cells


Mouse HT22 cell line expresses enhanced GFP fluorescent report, containing puromycin selection.

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Mouse HT22 cell line was derived from adult mouse hippocampal neuronal cells. Upon differentiated, HT22 cell line become highly sensitive to glutamate-induced toxicity, thus used as used as the model system to glutamate-induced toxicity research in neuronal cells (Reference: Neural Regen Res. 2013 May 15; 8(14): 1297–1306), as well as other studies in neurons.

This GFP / Mouse HT22  cell line expresses the codon-optimized monomer GFP fluorescent marker. RFP was expressed under the enhanced super CMV promoter. Cell line carries the Puromycin resistance.

The following expression cassette was integrated into the cell line’s genome:

vector scheme of CMV-GFP-Puromycin

Each cell showed GFP fluorescent signal. see a sample image below:

GFP fluorescent reporter expressed in mouse HT22 cell line

Sold at:  1 vial x (2 x 106 cells)/vial, see details in Product Manual.

Cat# SC090-G