shRNA (h P53)-(RFP-Bsd) lentivirus



Premade shRNA lentivirus, knockdown human P53 gene (NM_000546). It contains a RFP-Blasticidin dual selection marker. RFP fluorescent signal provide a convenient method to observe the virus transduction under microscope, and the transduced cells can be sorted / selected via either fluorescent signal or Blasticidin.

shRNA sequence was designed in human P53 codon (ORF) region, demonstrating greater than 75% knockdown levels for human P53 expression.  This particles is provided in DMEM medium with 10% FBS and 10x Polybrene, as 200ul/each. 

Note: Its matched negative control shRNA lentivirus is: CAT# H1(shRNA-Ctr)-RB

 Please see Product Manual for more details.

Amount: 200ul/tube at (1 x 10 7 IFU/ml) in DMEM medium