microRNA lentivirus

Pre-Made Human and Mouse miRNA expression Lentivirus

Human or mouse microRNA precursors with its native context sequences (upstream and downstream flanking genomic sequences) were PCR amplified and cloned into a pLenti-TetCMV(GFP-Stop-3UTR/miRNA)-Rsv (Puro) lentivector. The GFP and pre-miRNA are co-transcribed under the same promoter, the optional inducible CMV promoter. GFP provides a convenient indicator for miRNA expression levels, and a Puromycin antibiotic selection marker (under a Rsv promoter) provides the selection method for long term stable expression. See the scheme below for the core vector structure.

miRNA exp map Custom Human miRNA expression lentivirus

A sequence-verified miRNA expression lentivector was co-transfected with lentiviral packaging plasmids (Cat#: HT-pack) into a lentivirus production cell line (Cat#: TLV-C). The VSV-G pseudotype lentivirus was packaged in DMEM medium with 10% serum according to GenTarget’s virus production protocols, and then the virus was filtered through a 0.45 µm filter. See product manual for details. 

Each order contains: 

  1. 0.5 ml of pre-made specific miRNA lentivirus
  2. 0.5 ml of negative control miRNA lentivirus
  3. miRNA expression product manual 

Virus titer: 1×107 IFU/ml 

Shipping: overnight shipment on dry-ice.

Click to see: Human miRNA expression lentivirus product list.

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Note: If you do not find the miRNA you need here, You can place a custom order for lentivirus expressing any miRNAs that are listed in the miRBase database. Service quote may be requested by Email or Fax.

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