COVID-19 S (6His) / (Luciferase) VLP


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COVID-19 Spike protein (S) Virus Like Particle was packaged in HEK293T cells using our proprietary technology. It is the replication-incompetent particles in which the native, full-length COVID-19 S protein (with 6His-tag at its C-terminal) was pseudo-typed as the lentiviral particles’ surface envelope protein.  [Note: This VLP has the Spike protein already expressed / presented at surface of lentiviral particle to mimic coronavirus. It is not used as lentivirus for over-expression of the Spike protein. For over-expressing COVID-19 S protein, please use lentivirus product, CAT#: LVP1329.]

This VLP packaged the Firefly Luciferase as the particle’s virion genomic material although It is non-infectious to mammalian. However, when the COVID-19 S protein binding receptor (such as ACE2) is present in cell surface, this VLP will be transduced into the cells and the luciferase signal can be detected via luciferase assay upon its D-luciferin substrate in such cell types.


COVID-19 S Protein VLP has been tested in response to the binding of anti-S antibody in ELISA plate. The S protein was assembled as surface antigens for use in the development of COVID-19 diagnostics and in vaccine development and other validation assays for COVID-19 coronavirus. This VLP can be detected by anti-C-terminal 6His-tag antibody because the S protein was tagged by C-term 6His-tag.

The VLP’s titer was measured via ELISA P24 assay. Each single particle assembled many S protein molecular at its surface. See  more details in Product Manual.

Amount: 200ul/vial at 1×108 VP/ml.

CAT#: VLP002


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