Human RPMI 8226 / GFP Stable Cells


human B lymphocyte (RPMI 8226) cell line express GFP report

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The human RPMI 8226 cell line ( a B Lymphocyte with surface antigen profile: HLA Aw19, B15, B37, Cw2; CD19 -; CD20 -; CD28 +; CD38 +; CD49e +) was originated from a human peripheral blood with multiple myeloma from 61 years male.

This report cell line was transformed by lentivirus expressing enhance GFP fluorescent marker. GFP was expressed under the constitutive EF1a Promoter. Cell line contains a Puromycin antibiotic selection marker.  

The follow expression cassette was integrated into cell line’s genome.

GFP expression cassette under EF1a promoter

Each cell showed GFP fluorescent signal.

Human B cell express GFP fluorescent reporter

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Cat# SC060-G