Validated shRNA Lentivirus

Knockdown Validated shRNA Lentivirus

GenTarget’s premade Lentiviral Particles are the most advanced tools available for delivering target over-expression or knockdown into a wide range of cell types including primary and non-dividing cells. The pre-made shRNA lentivirial particles demonstrates greater than 75~95% knockdown levels validated in in a reporter assay where the specific target was fusioned with lacZ or luciferase reporter. The knockdown levels were reflected by decreases of lacZ or luciferase activity. 

Applications for validated shRNA lentiviral particles: 

    1. Delivery of  expression knockdown into hard-to-transfect cell types (such as neuronal cells) without the use of transfection reagents
    2. Creation of knockdown stable cell lines for long-term study
    3. Knockdown of target in primary or drug-arrested cells 

Please see each Product Manual for product list. 

Each shRNA lentiviral particles (or lentivirus) is guaranteed to knockdown the specified endogenous target. The H1 driven shRNA lentivirus can be used for constitutive, or optionally for tetracycline- inducible knockdown. The U6 driven shRNA are used for constitutive knockdown. They contain an antibiotic marker or a “fluorescent-antibiotic” fusion dual marker (GFP or RFP fusion with puromycin or blasticidin) for both antibiotic selection and/or fluorescence sorting. See the shRNA core map scheme below.

LT shRNA map scheme shRNA (h P53) (GFP Bsd) lentivirus

ShRNA expression knockdown lentivirus are provided in two formats:

  1. 200ul /per vial at 1×107 IFU/ml titer in DMEM with 10% FBS and 10x polybrene;
  2. 200ul / per vial at 5 x 107 IFU/ul titer, concentrated virus in PBS which is used for hard-to-transduced cell types or serum free cell culture.

Note: 200 ul of negative control shRNA lentivirus is included for each (200ul) target specific shRNA order.

They are easy to use, no need for any mixing or additional reagents.  Simply add the virus particles into your cultured cells, and you will be able to observe the shRNA knockdown effects in 48 ~ 72 hours.  

Questions?  Please see FAQs for pre-made lentiviral particles.  

Please see the following link for general guidelines for viral transduction: 

Transduction protocols for adhesive and suspension cells.  

Features of validated shRNA lentivirus:  

    1. Easy-to-use: directly add particles to cells. There is no need for any lipids or transfection reagents
    2. 75% to 95% knockdown, depending on cell types
    3. Optional inducible shRNA expression: Particles can be used for constitutive knockdown or for Tet- inducible shRNA expression in the presence of TetR (for H1 promoter driven shRNA only).
    4. Safety: Self-inactivation prevents replication of the virion
    5. High true titer:  at 1 x 107 IFU/ml in DMEM medium, or  at 5 x 107 IFU/ml in PBS;
    6. Dual selection markers: easy real-time monitoring of target expression by fluorescence and antibiotic selection of positive transduced cells with puromycin or blasticidin  

We also provide custom Lentiviral Services to generate your specific shRNA lentiviral particles or expression lentivirus. Please contact us for a service quote!

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