Ultra titer lentivirus

Lentivector (Lentivirus) is a relative simple, yet highly efficient tool for the establishment of transgenic animals and for the mammalian genomic editing. 

Also, lentivirus became the desirable gene therapy approaches in part because of their ability to incorporate into genomic DNA with high efficiency, especially in cells that are not actively dividing. And it promotes persistent transgene expression (over-expression or knockdown functional genetics). Lentivirus can simply transduced into mammalian sperm cells or gremline cells, or stem cells for transgenic animal generation. GenTarget developed the expression lentivectors (see the core vector structure scheme below) for different applications.

However, for a robust and high efficient (or high success rate)  transgenesis, the vivo manipulation of spermatogonial stem cells requires high quality, ultra-titer lentivirus. To meet the needs for lentivirus with very high titer, GenTarget produced the purified, concentrated Ultra-titer lentivirus via our proprietary protocols, and provided in 50 ul of PBS solution at titer around 1 x 109~10 IFU/ml. See Product Manual for details (.pdf).

ULVP vector scheme CRE 2A GFP (CMV Bsd), Ultra titer lentivirus

The Ultra-titer lentivirus can be used for the hard-to-transduced cells and for in vivo manipulation of sperm cells, or stem cells.

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