Fighting SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19)

ACE2 / TMPSS2 / S Protein:

COVID19 virus attached human cells via two cell surface target, ACE2 and the serine protease, TMPRSS2, through its Spike (S) Protein. To facilitate the research for the treatment of COVID-19, Gentarget now provides the expression lentivirus products for human ACE2 (CAT#: LVP1310), TMPSS2 (CAT#: LVP1309), and Spike (S) (CAT#: LVP1329 ), S1-RBD (CAT#: LVP1330), as well as the VLP (Virial Like Particle) for S protein (CAT#: LLP001)

COVID19 virus bind to ACE2 receptor via its S Protein
How COVID-19 attached human cell

What the products used for:

The ACE2 and TMPRSS2 lentivirus can be used for the validation assay for vaccine, antibody or drug efficacy. The S protein contains two subunits: S1 and S2. It is the target for vaccines, therapeutic antibodies, and diagnostics. The S protein lentivirus (CAT#: LVP1329) express the human codon optimized COVID-19’s Spike protein containing the C-terminal 6His tag. It can be used to express and purify the S protein as antigen for assay validation or for antibody production. Those products contain a internal RFP fluorescent marker as well as the blasticidin selection which makes easier to generate their expression cell lines if desired.

The S-VLP product it the S protein pseudotyped lentiviral particles in which the S protein mimic its native virus surface confirmation. It is best suited for screening of the most effective anti-COVID 19 antibody or vaccine.

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