Lentiviral packaging plasmids



Lentiviral packaging plasmid mixture: Developed in house, three packaging plasmids are optimized formulated as a pool for expression of gag⁄pol, rev and VSVG. It generates high titers of lentivirus packaging cell line HEK293 T cell (cat# TLV-C) after co-transfection with target containing trans-gene lentivector that embeded with the SIN (self-inactivated) feature. It only produces the replication incompetent lentivirus.

It is fully compatible to all current lentiviral system on market (So called 2nd or 3rd generation lentivirus system), can be used to pack your desired lentivectors, such as ViraPower (Invitrogen), MissionShRNA(Sigma), Lent-X(Clontech), GIPZ Lentiviral ShRNAmir (Open Biosystem). It generates only replication-incompetent lentivirus. Product Manual.

Cat#: HT-pack                         Amount: 60 ug (100rxn)

Usage: use 1:2 mass ratio between the (expression lentivector) : (packaging mixture plasmids).