Lentivirus Concentrator


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Polymeric precipitation reagents allow for the precipitation of nanosized virus particle at low speed centrifugation. It breaks down the charges around viral particles and bring particles together.

Gentarget developed a lentivirus concentration kit. Virus (lentivirus, retrovirus, baculoviruses, or phages) is concentrated using the non-cell toxic PEG (Poly-Ethylene Glycol) precipitation method. The concentrated virus can be used directly for in vitro and in vivo application. The trace amount of PEG does not affect the uptake of the target cells, yet can promote membrane fusion under certain conditions.

The process is easily scaled up to accommodate larger supernatant volumes, increases the lentivirus titer (IFU/ml) by 10 to 100 folds, with recovery 50% to 90%.  See sample result below. See more details in Product Manual (pdf file)

Kit Contents:

  1. Pellet-DownTM Concentration solution: 200 ml of 4x stock, filter-sterilized;
  2. Virus Suspension Solution: 10 ml PBS with stabilizer, filter-sterilized;