CRE recombinase

CRE Expression Lentiviral Particles

CRE recombinase, from bacteriophage P1, catalyzes recombination between 34 base-pair target sequences, called lox sites. Purified CRE enzyme can join individual plasmids containing lox sites. GenTarget provides premade, expression-ready CRE lentiviral particles that can catalyze the joining of lox sites  in vivo. CRE expressed by these particles contains the nuclear localization signal (NLS), PKKKRKV from the SV40 Large T-antigen at its N-terminus, allowing penetration of the nuclear membrane and thereby increasing the number of in vivo recombination events.

To meet your research needs, GenTarget provides CRE expression lentiviral particles with a selection of fluorescent markers, antibiotic markers, and fluorescent-antibiotic fusion dual markers. We also provide CRE, luciferase, and fluorescent protein (GFP/RFP) triple-labeled lentivirus. CRE is expressed under an optional inducible CMV promoter (TetCMV), the enhanced EF1a promoter, or a CAG promoter and localized to the nucleus.  Please see the  vector structure diagrams below:

CRE vector scheme CRE (Bsd), CAG lentivirus

CRE vector scheme2 CRE (Bsd), CAG lentivirus

The CRE expression lentiviruses are provided as 200ul/per vial in two formats: (1) in DMEM medium with 10% FBS and 60 ug/ml polybrene (10x); (2) in PBS solution, which is best for in vivo applications, or for cell cultures requesting serum-free conditions, or for hard-to-infected cells.

Note: Ultra concentrated virus (>= 109 IFU/ml) is available upon special requests.

Please see each Product Manual below for details.

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