SV40 Large T antigen

SV40 large T antigen Expression Lentivirus:

SV40 large T antigen (Simian Vacuolating Virus 40 T-Ag / Clock it to see its codon sequence) is a hexamer protein involved in viral genome replication and regulation of the host cell cycle. It is  used as a model protein to study nuclear localization signals and other viral applications. It also widely used for cell immortalization for variety of cell types.

GenTarget offers lentiviral particles expressing SV40 large T-antigen under either the suCMV promoter or an enhanced EF1a promoter. These pre-made expression particles are available with three different markers–Neo, Puro, and Bsd–either alone or fused to either RFP or GFP for selection as well as sorting and monitoring by fluorescence signal.   

Read to use lentivirus are provided as 200ul /vial in DMEM medium containing10% FBS, or purified / concentrated into PBS solution which is better for hard-to-transduced cell types or for serum-free culture.

Please see Product Manual for details.

T ag map scheme SV40 large T antigen (CMV, Bsd) lentivirus

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