Ion Channel cells

Human Ion-Channel stable cells with RFP-Bsd fusion dual marker

The human ion-channel stable cell lines are derived from the adhesive enhance HEK293 cells, transformed by the expression lentivirus expressing a well characterized human ion-channel target.

The expression cassette (see the structure scheme below) was stably integrated into HEK293 cells. Each human ion-channel target’s codon sequence is natively expressed (without any tags) under an enhanced EF1a promoter. The cell lines also have a RFP-blasticidin, (fluorescent-antibiotic) fusion dual marker under RSV promoter. Therefore, each cell also demonstrates RFP signal which can be visualized under fluorescent microscope. Each target genomic integration was verified by gPCR, and for target expression by Western blot .

The integrated expression cassette in HEK293 ion-channel stable cells:

ion channel cell map HEK293 ATP2B2 cell line with RFP and Blasticidin marker

Note: To generate the ion-channel stable cell line in your specific host cells, GenTarget provide stable cell line services. Please Contact Us or Email us for a service quote. Or you can generate the inducible expression cell line by using our pre-made lentivirus expressing each human ion-channel target.

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