Premade shRNA lentivirus

1. Customized shRNA lentivector & lentivirus set (made on demand):

GenTarget has pre-designed three knockdown shRNA sequences for each human, mouse, and rat gene in our database so that you can  order the shRNA vector/virus set for any gene.   Just provide us with the gene’s accession ID / number, or provide either the specific target sequences or your validated shRNA sequences,  and we will design target specific shRNAs (or using the provided shRNA sequences) and generate the shRNA lentivectors and shRNA lentiviruses. This is the  “Made-on-demand” order, taking 1-2 weeks to the delivery time.

 Each shRNA Set Contains: 

    • Three (3) shRNA lentivector plasmid DNAs, (5.0 µg/each)
    • One negative control shRNA lentivector plasmid DNA (5.0 µg)
    • Three pre-made shRNA expression lentiviruses: 0.5 ml/each x 3 viruses (~ 1×10IFU/ml)
    • One pre-made negative control shRNA lentivirus: 0.5 ml (~ 1×10IFU/ml) 

For shRNA expression, you have the option to select either the constitutive human U6 promoter or the Optional Inducible Expression H1 promoter (see the vector map scheme below).   See more details about our shRNA lentivector cloning kits.

LT shRNA map scheme Customized lentiviral shRNA (H1) with Blasticidin marker

Note: knockdown validation is not included, but we guarantee at least one shRNA showing >75% knockdown, or knockdown >75 % for a 3 shRNA pool

Important OrderingDetails: 

    • For ordering pre-designed shRNA sets online, please make sure to provide us with your target accession ID (such as: NM_000546 for human TP53 gene) in the “Comments” field during checkout.
    • If you want us to make the shRNA vector / virus using your provided shRNA sequences, please email us your shRNA sequences.
    • You also can simply request a shRNA Service quote by email.

2.  Pre-Made target specific shRNA lentivirus:

GenTarget provide pre-made knockdown shRNA lentivirus for human specific genes. For each target, we provide a pool of three target specific shRNA lentiviruses (0.5 ml ) and one Negative control shRNA lentivirus (0.5ml). Each shRNA lentivirus contains a GFP-Puromycin fusion dual marker, which provides a convenience tool for monitoring the virus transducation efficiency in your cell types and the puromycin selection method.

The pre-made target shRNA lentivirus are in stock, ready to ship via overnight shipment in dry-ice package.

We guarantee >= 75% knockdown levels to the endogenous specific target ( from the selected virus transduction positive cells), or we give a free replacement with a different set of shRNA lentivirus for the same target (Note: such replacement request must to provide the  knockdown validation data by western blot or qPCR assays.)

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