Sub-cellular Imaging

Pre-made Lentivirus for Cell Organelle Imaging

LocLightTM Living cell imaging lentivirus for Sub-cellular Localization

Lentivirus is the easiest and most effective method to deliver expression into the majority of mammalian cell types, including non-dividing and primary cells,  and allows genes to be integrated into the host cell genome for long-term expression. 

Utilizing our proprietary lentiviral vector systems, GenTarget has generated the LocLightTM Sub-Cellular Labeling Lentivirus product line. These premade lentiviruses contain a well-defined organelle targeting signal fusioned to a fluorescent protein (GFPRFP, or CFP) and expressed under our proprietary suCMV prompter. The fluorescent proteins are non-toxic to cells, do not compromise cell structure, or interfere with signaling pathways. They are therefore great tools for live-cell imaging and for dynamic investigation of sub-cellular signal pathways.  see Product Manual.

The pre-made LocLightTM sub-cellular labeling lentiviruses are extremely easy to use, and do not require any additives or substrates. By simply add the lentivirus into a mammalian cell culture. The expression of auto-fluorescent protein will be localized to the specific sub-cellular compartments at 1-3 days post-transduction and can be visualized by fluorescence microscopy. See examples below.

Organelle sample images CFP Histone2B (Puro) fusion lentiviral particles

 LocLight particle scheme CFP Histone2B (Puro) fusion lentiviral particles

Each particle contains an antibiotic selection marker (Puromycin, or Blasticidin or Neomycin) under the RSV promoter, allowing selection of transduced cells. See the scheme above for the expression cassette structure. 

Particles are provided as 200 µl/per vial in two formats:  

  • DMEM medium with 10 % FBS and 60 µg/ml polybrene (10x)
  • PBS solution, which is best for in vivo applications, cell cultures requiring serum-free conditions, or for hard-to-infect cells. 

The titer is ̴ 1×107 IFU/ml measured by fluorescence positive cell counting. Note: higher titer virus are available upon request. 

Key features: 

  • High titer: GenTarget’s premade lentiviral particles demonstrate the brightest fluorescence signal and strongest transduction efficiency available. 
  • Robust: Particles are validated on a lot-by-lot basis and their quality is guaranteed. 
  • Versatile: Lentiviral particles can deliver fluorescently labeled targets into hard-to-transfect cell lines, such as primary or neuronal cells, for long term expression. 
  • Useful for multi-color applications:  Different fluorescently labeled particles can be used together in the same cells.  
  • Very easy to use: Simply add into your cell culture and visualize the fluorescent at 48-72 hours. No need for any additives, substrates, components, cell washes, or medium changes. 
  • Easy selection via puromycin 

GenTarget’s high quality LocLightTM cell organelle labeling lentiviruses are available with a variety of fluorescent markers for different sub-cellular targets, click product links below, or see Product Manual.

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