Fluorescent cells

Stable cell lines expresing a fluorescent protein

Pre-made stable cell lines, transformed from establish human host cell lines, constitutively expresses a fluorescent protein, GFP or RFP or CFP or YFP under enhanced CMV or EF1a or tissue specific promoter, with different antibiotic marker under Rsv promoter. 

Cell ling demonstrated strong fluorescent signal in viitro (cultured cells under fluorescent microscope) and in vivo (implanted and grow in animal body, see sample image below).

GenTarget GFP cell line in vivo img A549 / GFP stable cells (Blasticidin)

GenTarget’s Hela GFP cells injected into NCR nude mice, In Vivo image was taken under Olympus OV100 at 4 weeks.

Notes: All our stable cell lines are sold only for reporter cell lines. We do not support any re-engineering works on our cell lines. All cell lines are not for re-sell, thus we do not provide our reporter’s codon sequences

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