Premade Lentivirus

Pre-Packaged, Ready-to-Use Lentivirus 

GenTarget’s Expression-ready Lentiviral Particles are the most advanced gene delivery tool available. These premade particles contains a specific gene that is ready to be delivered into a wide range of cell types–including primary cells and non-dividing cells.  

Applications for Pre-made Lentiviral Particles:   

  1. Delivery of  genes into hard-to-transfect cell types, such as neuronal cells, without using any transfection reagents
  2. Highly reproducible and controllable delivery of genes
  3. Easiest and most cost-effective creation of  stable cell lines for long-term high-level expression
  4. Expression of  genes in primary cells or drug-arrested cells
  5. Creation of transgenic animals
  6. Sub-cellular localization analysis by organelle targeting
  7. Create specific cell line for target expression in your desired cell types  

Using our SureTiterTM  lentiviral vectors and Optional Inducible lentiviral vectors, GenTarget generates the best lentiviral particles in a wide range of categories. Please click each category below for product details.  

All our lentiviruses are pre-made, in stock, and ready to ship.  They are provided as 200 µl aliqouts in DMEM medium or concentrated virus in PBS.  Please see the  for more details.  

Click here to see transduction protocols for adhesive and suspension cells.  

Lentiviral Services: GenTarget can generate high titer lentivirus for protein or shRNA expression. Please contact us for a service quote!

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