Target Expression

Over-expression for Human, Mouse and Rat ORFs

All lentivirus in this category were generated using GenTarget’s tetracycline Optional Inducible Lentiviral System. Each gene was fully sequence verified and 100% matched to individual NCBI accession IDs at the coding DNA sequence (CDS). 

All particles are pre-made, in stock, ready-to-ship, provided as 200µl /per vial in DMEM medium, or concentrated virus in PBS (Note: shipped in dry-ice package via next day express). 

Each target wes expressed under the optional inducible suCMV promoter. A RFP-blasticidin or GFP-Puromycin fusion dual marker under RSV promoter allows sorting on RFP or GFP, or selection via blasticidin or puromycin for the transduced cells for long term expression. RFP / GFP signal also provides  convenient, real time monitoring of the particles’ performance. See vector scheme below:




All of GenTarget’s inducible lentiviral particles can be used for regular constitutive expression. However, when inducible expression is desired, they can be used for tetracycline-inducible expression in the presence of a repressor protein (tetR). For inducible expression, the target expression is first repressed by the repressor protein (TetR, tetracycline binding protein) then induced by addition of tetracycline. The presence of TetR can be achieved by co-infection with premade TetR lentiviral particles, co-transfection with a TetR expression plasmid, or simply by using a TetR expressing stable cell line. Please see “FAQ about premade lentiviral particles” for more information. Please see Product manual for product details. 

GenTarget also provides  Negative control lentivirus for controlling for the effects of virus infection upon a given cell line, which validates the specificity of any target expression effects. 

Pre-made over-expression lentiviruses are easy to use.  Simply add the virus to your cell culture and wait 3 days for the expression peak. Please see “transduction protocols” for the application method. 

Please check the Product List file (.pdf) for all available target expression lentiviurs. You can also search by gene symbol or accession ID (NM_xxxxxx) on the home page. If you do not find the gene of your interest, we can generate the ready-to-use particles for you as a lentiviral service project.


  1. GPCRs;
  2. Cytokines and receptors;
  3. CDs
  4. Ion Channels;
  5. Kinases;
  6. Phosphatasses;
  7. Proteases and inhibitors;
  8. Transcription factors;
  9. Other drugable targers;
  10. Other ORF targets;


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